Michael was raised in a farm community in Ventura County where he experienced first-hand the dedication of local farmers and developed a profound respect/culinary philosophy for organic produce and sustainable farming methods.

As he worked his way through the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, New York, Michael held a position at The Modern in New York City under acclaimed chef Gabriel Kreutier. After graduation, he returned to California and accepted a position working with David Meyers at Sona where he honed his French technique and enjoyed the challenge of providing a "spontanee" dining experience. Michael then transitioned to Osteria Mozza where he worked with Matt Molina and Nancy Silverton while simultaneously serving as the executive chef of production events at a Los Angeles-based catering company, in addition to doing private events of his own.

With Root of All Food, Michael finally has the opportunity to parlay his knowledge of fine dining and combine it with his commitment to organic and free-range artisanal products, his regional Californian style of cooking and his passion for entertaining.